Why Apple? 

There is a proverb in China saying that the bigger trees attract more wind. Apple is  one of the biggest trees in the world, the market cap of it can greater than a country’s GDP, it is, in fact, larger than the annual gross domestic products of most countries on earth, bar 19 of them (based on GDP in US dollars, according to International Monetary Fund data for 2014).


In Foxconn frequent suicide case, companies can not escape the responsibility, so neither the public media, who spread news, information, and ideas. To a certain extent, they determine the direction of the whole thing. The credibility of the media is gradually reduced, and the dissemination of information media channels are becoming rich. For factory workers, the negative emotions associated with mass suicides published by the media are inevitable; for the factories and enterprises, the media’s continuous pressure and media orientation power forces them to make corresponding measures.

By education!

Attached is a TED talk about the China’s workers.

It’s hard not to get a lump in your throat when you read about the grueling conditions in Chinese factories. It’s hard not to feel guilt about those working 70 hours a week in Foxconn factories where iPhones and iPads are assembled, or to feel shocked at revelations that workers in toy factories regularly receive fines for going to the bathroom without permission.


China’s rapid development is supported by these insignificant but indispensable individuals. As the wheel of history rolls forward, it is also a process of people’s self-cognition and social cognition. This is an inevitable trend of historical development. In solving the problem of appearance on the basis of the more should proceed in essence to enhance, as the video mentioned in the girl said, “When I went home for the new year, everyone said I had changed. They asked me, I told them that I have studied and worked hard. If you tell them more, they will not understand anyway. “I believe that both the Chinese authorities and the enterprises will work together. To improve this problem, whether it is due to public pressure, or really want more humane, the outcome is always good, change has occurred. Poor mothers do not care about the starting point of the food supplier whether good or not, she only cares about the children no longer crying because of hunger.
As in the industrial age of Europe, environmental pollution and the capital squeeze is not less than today. What we can do, and also what many companies can do is to solve the superficial problems and proceed from the root to enhance the overall condition in China (by education)at the same time.


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