After Toyota’s “Sticking Accelerator Pedal“and General Motors”Exploding Ignition Switches“, It was the Volkswagen Group that hit headlines for the bad reasons. Volkswagen allegedly manipulated diesel engines to pass through emission tests. It started off as a research by a group of university scientists to being labeled as one of the worst scandal in the automotive industry.

On September 18 2015, United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a notice of violation of the Clean Air Act to the german automakers Volkswagen Group after it was found that Volkswagen had intentionally programmed turbocharged direct injection (TDI) diesel engines to activate certain emissions only during laboratory emissions testing. The programming caused the vehicles’ non-nitrogen oxides (NOx) output to meet US standards during regulatory testing but emit up to 40 times more NOx in real-world driving.

Volkswagen declared that there were 11 million diesel cars around the world equipped with this software and almost 500,000 of them were within United States. Owners of Volkswagen TDI diesel cars were upset, angry, hurt, and betrayed. They’re also fearful of the resale value of their cars.Volkswagen took responsibility of the scandal and had fired the top level management. The company set aside huge chunk from profits to recall vehicles and fix the issue. Volkswagen top level management have gone against the company ethics just to earn market share and profit. A small decision had costed the company its name and money.


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