“Companies that were involved in services that deal with human life should be particularly conscientious of their duties when conducting their businesses.Billions of net users trusted Baidu for their search engine and online forum services, the company is hence responsible for the trust and is obligated to taking up their social responsibilities” -People’s Daily

People’s daily is flagship publication for Chinese Communist Party. They are the largest newspaper group in China and the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. In general, their opinions are considering as the viewpoint of the Chinese government.  Their commentary here questioning Baidu’s corporate ethics.  They think that is Baidu’s social responsibilities to provide correct information for billions of the users who trusted them. I totally agree with People’s Daily on this issue.  Also, I think the Chinese Government should take responsibilities as well. Because of the censorship in China, Google left the Chinese market. Since then, Baidu became the monopoly in the search engine industry.Moreover, Baidu is part of the censorship system, they collaborate with the government. Even though, there are a few more search engine in China, but they are nothing compare to Baidu. Therefore, users in China really had no choice.

Frankly, I think the censorship will be existing in China as long as the Communist party in power.  Which means Google would not back to China and Baidu will still be the monopoly in game. Than government should put more policy to regulate Baidu and others if they cannot regulate themselves. And I am glad that a few days later Chinese government start an investigation in Baidu.

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          “Chinese people were already annoyed that Baidu sold off search positions, but when it became a life and death matter it has enraged them.” -Stephen McDonell, BBC News, China Correspondent

I think Stephen was absolutely right about this ethical issue that Baidu was facing. Of   course Chinese people were not happy about that Baidu sold their top search slots to the people who paid them most money. Unfortunately, this what everyone does this in the search engine business. Google does this too. What makes people so enrage about Baidu is that because of Baidu’s incorrect information we lost a young life.  Baidu knew the information that they put on was fault. However, their put on anyway because the Second Hospital of the Beijing Armed Police Corps paid them to do so. This way people are so anger about Baidu

Baidu as a company seems to only care about their profit and nothing else.They have not been social responsible as a company.


“Baidu of relying on advertisements of fake health care products for 30 percent of its revenue” -Zhou Hongyi, The chief executive of the Internet company Qihoo 360

Mr. Zhou’s criticize about Baidu is absolutely correct. Baidu does relying on fake health care products on advertisements a lot. But he did not deeply enough to find out what’s the reason behind that. China has a very tough law about advertising on TV, newspaper and other tradition media. However, for online advertising, the low is not clear and obviously outdate. Baidu use this loophole and take advantage of it. So does any other internet company. which include Qihoo 360. I think the mean reason of Mr. Zhou’s criticize is because his company is also involved in the search engine business. And Baidu is their biggest competitor. So make Baidu looks bad will make his company looks good by comparison. In fact, 360 search engine does same as Baidu did. Since their market share was so low, they haven get cut yet.

I think because the reason that China’s economy is growing so fast, that many of our laws and regulations were so outdated. Now, is it for Chinese government and legislative institution to take action in order to project the right of consumer.