Wei Zexi published a video online before his death, and he wrote an article on a well-known Chinese question-and-answer website Zhihu. He answered a question that asked about what you think is most evil thing of human nature. He refers this to his treatment experience in the Second Hospital of the Beijing Armed Police Corps, and how it led him to dead. He refers this question to Baidu and its lack of social responsibility.

After Wei’s death, all of those articles and video brings public attention to this issue. People were criticized Baidu’s ethical standard, corporate culture and their lack of social responsibility. Wei was dead on April 12th, 2016. The first action Baidu was taking is kind ironic. Baidu comes to Wei’s family and suggests them to suit the hospital. They blame all of the fault to the hospital. They try to act as a good guy. Later on, people figure out Baidu were actually known that the information was incorrect. However, they still put these false information on because it generates the majority of their revenue. I have put a part of their annual report last blog, about 70% of their revenue was coming from search services in 2015.

Also, Baidu tried hard to effectively end its ties with Second Hospital of the Beijing Armed Police Corps, but on the other hand, the advertisement bidding process was not ameliorated to the extent that a thorough verification could be realistically executed. In May 1st 2016, Baidu fire Wang Zhan because his violation of professional ethics, damage and the interests of the company he was the vice president of sales. Most people believe this because the pressure from public opinion after Wei’s death.


In May 3rd 2016, Baidu told a  BBC reporter that they are deeply regret the death of Wei Zexi and our condolences go out to his family. And Baidu strives to provide a safe and trustworthy search experience for our users and has launched an immediate investigation of the matter. (bbc.com) Baidu tries to save their reputation by crisis public relation.

I personally think what Baidu says is not very important, the important is what they did. For this respect, I do not think Baidu had realized their fault. Baidu holds the world largest Chinese-language collaborative web-based encyclopedia called Baidu Baike. Normally, if you want some general information about some issue in Chinese Baidu Baike is the best resource. Wikipedia has a Chinese version, but their information usually a not as specific as Baidu Baike. However, if you search some key words  relate to Wei Zexi, Baidu Baike give you very little information, but Wikipedia shows way more information than Baidu does in both Chinese and English. This does not happen very often. (Unless you search some sensitive information such as Tiananmen Square protests, then Baidu gives you no information)

Therefore, I think Baidu’s approach for this issue was just simply want to get way with. They have done anything seriously.