Many people care about this issue and there are some insights of them.

‘Collective Failure’ at Mitsubishi Motors Led to Fuel Fraud

Report says that employees could not resist the pressure from management so they choose the extreme cheating ways to improve the fuel-efficient data. And different departments in that company fight with each other in this manipulation scandal.

It is said that we could not blame on only one department ,like the development department, because it is a collective failure. According to the reports from investigators appointed outside, the problem is not with testing or certification, but with a lack of sense of law and unity.

I think this report analyze straight to the point. It shows that the internal management is the serious problem. I think the starting point of this fraud is the leadership, as we discussed in class, I think this is a kind of transactional leadership. All managers and employees are doing everything to achieve firm’s goals. End justifies the means approach.

The poor quality morality the staff is the key reason of this kind issue.

A Chinese professor said in his article about this issue: the fraud of Mitsubishi Motors is the result of the lack of sense of quality law and poor quality morality. It pointed out that Mitsubishi covered its defects for a lot of times and chose not to tell the public about this problems. They will fix those problems secretly when the cars are sent to them to be examined to avoid the large-scale recall. The author also used another accident in 2000 in China about the Mitsubishi brakes to indicate the passive reaction of that company.

I think the author expressed exactly what I think. It is just because the previous actions of that company, the company suffer more in the following years. The company just focuses the short-term profit but forgoes the long-term benefit and brand value. Passive reaction to its fraud shows that it has not realized the serious mistakes. They don’t have the basic quality morality and the responsibility to their customers.

The government has inspected Mitsubishi Motors’s plant and technical center. And the government also said it will investigate completely in Apirl 2016. But after less than half year, Mitsubishi Motors cheated again. This time, the government said it would fine the company and also


The transport ministry always says it will take actions and investigate, but the fact that Mitsubishi Motors repeated fraud shows it didn’t take efficient actions.

The Mitsubishi Group is a important domestic corporation for Japan, especially in shipment and weapons. So I think the government might want to help this company to slow down the investigation process. But this action didn’t solve the internal issues in that company. If the government could take strict investigation and punish it , the company should realize its ture mistakes more quickly and sooner. And the company could avoid the huge lose and Japan could avoid the fall of this successful brand.




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