In May 2016, Mitsubishi Motors Corp said that it used fuel economy testing methods that did not comply with Japanese regulations for 25 years, much longer than previously known.

“MMC conducted testing improperly to present better fuel consumption rates than the actual rates,” a company statement said. “The testing method was also different from the one required by Japanese law. We express deep apologies to all of our customers and stakeholders for this issue.”

The company said that the reason of its fraud is because of effect of aggressive working condition in the company. The internal employees were forced by the environment to put too much importance on the fuel economy of vehicles.

In April 2016, the CEO attended a press conference, the reporter asked him how he thought about the fraud and the report process, he said it was between the employees who were involved in this fraud, and he thought it was no need to report to the highest management.

Then they recalled the relevent cars and spent a lot to make up for this fraud. While people are trying to believe it again after their actions and apologies, after less than half year, the company did the same thing again.

This time, they still apologied at once. Furthermore, they hired a group of experts to help the investigate the company’s internal fraud. After investigation, the experts indicated that it was the company collective fraud, and it was not just the fraud of any single department. CEO said he had considered the suggestions from the experts carefully and he admitted that he didn’t try his best to manage and communicate with the employees and managers. Another manager indicated that they will decrease the number of management staffs to promote better communication and he would also involve in the discussion of executives and engineers.

I think actions act better than words. Based on the previous reaction to the fraud, I could not believe their apologies. They have made the same mistakes again and again, so people already could not believe it anymore. But this time, they investigate a lot and response more quickly to the public than the last time, what’s more, the higher management and CEO have realized their own problems. After this apology, I wish they could rebuild the brand.