The Chinese Google- Baidu

In April 12th 2016, Wei Zexi a 21years old Chinese student form Shanxi Province was died after receiving experimental treatment for synovial sarcoma at the Second Hospital of the Beijing Armed Police Corps. His death bring the public’s focus to a Chinese technology company, Baidu.

He found this hospital through a Chinese search engine Baidu. The main reason why he had chosen this specific hospital is because this was the first response come out from Baidu. Not only that, Baidu was promoting this hospital for claiming high success rates for the treatment. By looking at this hospital’s name every Chinese can tell that is a public hospital, this probably other big reason why Wei was chosen this hospital. Because unlike the western world, in mainland China all the good hospital are public hospital. Private hospital are not good as the public hospital unless it was a foreign private hospital. Therefore, Wei trusted this hospital, and spend over 200,000 Chinese Yuan in there. A big portion of these money was borrow form family and friends. Unfortunately, he end up with death in a young age.

What all these have to do with Baidu? First of all, people found out that the Baidu promoting the high success rates for the treatment of this hospital was a false medical information. Secondly, even though it is a public hospital, but the Cancer Center which Wei went was outsourcing to a provide company. Last but not least, the only reason this hospital was come out as the first response, was simply because that they paid Baidu the most promotion fee. Baidu did not do any background check, to determine whether the information they put on was correct.

Baidu is the number one search engine in China, many people called it the Chinese Google. Also, Baidu incorporated is third largest technology company in China. And their major revenue was come from promotion fee. Baidu make a lot money form it, but it does not sound very ethical. A huge company like Baidu should have some social responsibility. After wei’s death, a lot people criticize about Baidu’s ethical standard. It was kind difficult to solve this problem, unless the authorities put more regulation on it. Because after Google left China, Baidu has been the monopoly in the search engine industry. There were no competition what so ever. I think the best solution to this business dilemma is that government get involve.