After Volkswagen’s emission fraud in 2015 , people were so disappointed about  car manufactured in Germany. Different from German cars, cars made in Japan are symbols of high quality and good service. However, on April 20th, 2016, there was a big new in the Japanese car industry.

Mitsubishi Motors has admitted falsifying fuel economy data for more than 600,000 vehicles sold in Japan.

The vehicles in this issue were called “K-car”, which designed  by a joint venture “NMKV” composed by Mitsubishi Motors and Nissan Automobile, and manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors. K-car, a type of light-weight car, is Japan’s unique local car type in the smallest four-wheel vehicle form, whose displacement is 0.66L at most.

Mitsubishi Motors has been testing passenger cars using a method not compliant with Japanese standards since 2002, after this fact was exposed to the public, the corporation was told to correct its test methods by the transport ministry in Japan.

People were so angry and disappointed about this fraud, and the corporation should take actions as soon as possible to correct the wrongness and rebuild the reputation.

But unbelievable, only after the fraud exposed, Mitsubishi Motors were again doing the wrong things.

Auto maker admitted in April to manipulating mileage data; May fuel-economy tests also improperly conducted, transport ministry says

According to the Japanese regulations, cars should be given five road test, and the median of the five test data should be used calculate the average. On one case, Mitsubishi used the best fuel efficiency values and calculated the average. In another case, Mitsubishi said it was not told that it should do five tests.

What’s more, after August, eight models of Mitsubishi have also been confirmed to use the incorrect fuel efficiency data. Compared with the data that Mitsubishi advertised to their customers, the average fuel economy was 4.2% less than the actual data.

The corporation faces the difficult and severe ethical situation. People are not believe in them anymore. As a result of the fraud, they have experienced severe fall in sales and lose a lot.